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Beautifully designed & styled Word templates.

At Visual Management we are graphic designers that are trained to design and style Word documents. Yes, that's right, we can design in Word!

Most graphic designers are trained to create documents in InDesign as it is the standard for creating professionally designed documents. We have designed hundreds of Word documents over the last decade and actually enjoy creating them.

If you can create the document in InDesign we can create it in Word. No project is too large or too small. Try us today, call (08) 9441 4857 and ask for Chris.

Word templates to match your style guide.

A lot of organisations ask us to create Word documents to match their branding style guides. They also might ask us to take a template design (typically designed in InDesign) and create a Word template.

We understand when you have a Word template or Word document project that needs to be matched as closely to your style guide as possible. We will match your colours, font specifications, leading, tables and other fine details. We are perfectionists and won't miss a thing.

Once we have created your document, before we hand it to you, we check every little detail, fonts, leading, paragraph spacing, styles, colours, tables, photos and graphics to be sure they are all exactly as you wanted them.

So if you have a Word document that needs creating please call our friendly team on (08) 9441 4857 today.

InDesign to Word conversion.

Anyone that has tried to convert an InDesign document to a Word document will know that there is no such thing as software that can perform this task. The Word document needs to be created from scratch so that there aren't any errors in font substitution, styles and image replacement.

InDesign and Word are two very different programs that cannot be auto-converted.

At Visual Management once we have converted the document we test the document on both PC and Mac to ensure there are no errors on both platforms. So that when you give it to your clients you can be sure they will be happy.

So call us today on (08) 9441 4857 or national free call 1800 456 467.

Technically correct Word templates.

What exactly is a technically correct Word template? It is a template that not only works well but isn't bloated with useless styles that may cause issues with the document.

If you have ever had a Word document that is behaving badly you will know what we mean. It can make your program crash, it can suddenly make pages disappear after hours of work or just simply freeze.

We guarantee that our templates and documents are technically correct and perform as they are meant to. You will get a template or Word document that opens quickly, will be small in file size and will have only the relevant styles and themes you require.

So call us today to get a template or document that is technically perfect on (08) 9441 4857 or national free call 1800 456 467.


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Word & Powerpoint Templates

VisualM specialise in delivering professional Microsoft Office Word and Powerpoint template design and development, to brand specifications and be technically correct.  Benefit from user-friendly updateable proposals, submissions, tenders, reports and presentations created by our graphic design and template development team using both PC and Mac platforms.

Recent projects include; submissions, tenders, reports, promotional material, Powerpoint presentations, graphs and letterheads.  Contact VISUALM today on 0417 847 825 or email design@visualm.com.au

"Why is VisualM different? ... we are more than just word specialists.  We are graphic designers dedicated to brand!"