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Unique Curtains Rebrand

It is a huge responsibility to redesign and rebrand a family business that has operated for over 30 years. Visual Management was presented with this opportunity in November 2012. And over the past five years we have built the brand to a high-end business that's turnover has increased many times over.

Logo Redesign

With every rebrand it is wise to not only look at the logo and brand language but also all of the desired brand collateral. In this case we realised that because it was a father son business and the father was passing it on to his son we needed to bring it from the 80's into the present.

Website Redesign

For Unique Curtains and Blinds the website was the most important of all their touchpoints. There original website was a template that was quickly put together by a company that created sites as quickly as possible. There was no thought about Uniques clients or how they would interact with the website.

We recreated it from the ground up and did a lot of research about how the client would see the products and services.

Brand Collateral

Here are just a few samples of what we have created for Unique Curtains and Blinds over the past 5 years. By created a look and feel that is consistent throughout the company we are able to present a business to the public that is high quality and professional. People trust brands that are consistent, not only in the way the staff serve their customers, but also in the way it is visually communicated and presented.

Double Page HOME Magazine  Press Ads

HOME magazine appeals to a lot of Unique's target market and it creates a brand awareness within this market. This is very valuable when the potential client goes to buy curtains or blinds.

Staff Car Signage

The staff cars should all look smart. By adding your brand to the side of your car it acts like a travelling advertisement.

Portable Showroom

We designed a collapsible showroom that was portable enough to carry around to events.

iPad Promotion

As part of a promotional campaign over Easter we designed a web page that was intended to be viewed on an iPad; as most of the target market were using mobile devices.

Curtain Labels

These labels were printed on a transparent rubber that attached to the base of each curtain produced. This looks very smart and helps the client contact Unique Curtains if they need any servicing to their curtains.

Staff clothing

When the staff wear the company's outfit they feel part of the whole and it creates a good image for your clients and potential clients.

Press Ad

This press ad was created for a yachting magazine. We used the newly designed brand language to create this unique ad!

Unique's Signature

We designed Unique's signature so that when the customer receives an email they also view the other products that Unique sells.

Quoting Sheet

With every curtain measure Unique sends out a quoting sheet to the client. We designed it so that it was not only easy to read but also re-enforced Unique's brand.


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