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Word Template Design for Agencies

Visual Management has a unique service just for agencies.

We understand that it is difficult to design in Word and most of your graphic designers are not trained to design in Word.

We are very competitive and charge agencies wholesale prices so you can be sure that you can look after your clients.

Chris Griffiths, the director of Visual Management works directly with agency representatives to ensure complete satisfaction with project outcomes, deadlines, budgets and any other concerns you may have.

Please call Chris directly on 1800 456 467 (national free call)

Why agencies rely on VisualM to create their Word documents

Graphic designers are trained in InDesign, which is the primary document software used by agencies. They hate Word! So don't waste their time on jobs that will take them twice as long and will look and behave half as well.

There are major differences between Word and InDesign in the way the documents are created and because of this InDesign documents cannot be auto-converted to Word documents.

Here at Visual Management we are happy to convert your InDesign documents manually to Word documents.

Agencies ask us to:

  • Create Word templates using client style guides ensuring brand consistency, font compatibility and colour matching.
  • Convert submissions, annual reports and other documents from InDesign to Word.
  • Create specialised Word documents for internal use as part of a rebrand of a business to ensure consistency across all brand collateral.


The main reason agencies use us is that we are graphic designers and we understand the importance of branding and good design.  We are perfectionists!


Secondly, we are absolutely discreet in all our dealings with agencies ensuring client confidentiality.


We test our documents on PC and Mac ensuring all Word documents are compatible.


We stick to budgets and understand agency timelines.

Word & Powerpoint Templates

VisualM specialise in delivering professional Microsoft Office Word and Powerpoint template design and development, to brand specifications and be technically correct.  Benefit from user-friendly updateable proposals, submissions, tenders, reports and presentations created by our graphic design and template development team using both PC and Mac platforms.

Recent projects include; submissions, tenders, reports, promotional material, Powerpoint presentations, graphs and letterheads.  Contact VISUALM today on 0417 847 825 or email

"Why is VisualM different? ... we are more than just word specialists.  We are graphic designers dedicated to brand!"

0417 847 825

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